Turnstile Solutions in Kuwait

Brand: MAKIM
Location: Turkey

About Turnstile Solutions in Kuwait

  • MAKIM has been working on the design, development and manufacturing of electromechanical equipment’s since 1982 in over 58 countries.
  • MAKIM Turnstiles have various references in differing sectors from government and public to private including airports, bus stations, factories, offices, subways, ferries, trams, military organizations, police department, universities, shopping centers.
  • MAKIM puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction, feasible manufacturing costs and selling prices by also caring the environment. All these processes have been monitored by ISO9001 TÜV AUSTRIA Quality Management Systems.
  • Various types of turnstiles and other electromechanical devices supplied and installed in Kuwait include: Tripod turnstiles, VIP gates, HG Gates, Semi-Full height turnstiles, Full height turnstiles, hydraulic road blockers, hydraulic tire killers, park accessories, bollards, etc…