Time Attendance Systems in Kuwait

Brand: ANVIZ
Location: Headquarters in the USA, with 10+ main offices around the world

About Time Attendance Systems in Kuwait

  • ANVIZ has 11 years of R&D expertise in engineering and manufacturing biometric technology products and owns more than 500 intellectual properties in software, hardware, style & design.
  • ANVIZ is an ISO 9001 certified company, with ownership for over 50 international patents including their core algorithm, BioNano.
  • In Kuwait, to list some of ANVIZ’s products which Zamco supplies, installs and maintains are, standalone time attendance systems, integrated time attendance system, time attendance/access control system, facial recognition devices, smart locks, Iris scanners, RFID solutions, etc…
  • In Kuwait, we had installed multiple time attendance systems in 35+ locations, and there were 10+ locations for the supply and installation of facial recognition devices.