Sliding & Swing Gates in Kuwait

Brand: Optima & Elvox
Location: Headquarters in Turkey (Optima) & HQ in Italy (Elvox)

About Sliding & Swing Gates in Kuwait

  • Optima is an engineering company that designs and manufactures economical solutions based on customers need and requirements.
  • Optima has various arms which are: Optima security systems, Optima steel works, Optima shredders and Optima hydraulic expandable containers.
  • For Kuwait from Optima security division we supply and install the heavy duty and certified items like road blockers, bollards, tire killers and most importantly sliding gates & doors.
  • In Kuwait, we also utilize mechanical parts like the sliding motors, operators, switches, covers, arms etc… from a popular ISO certified company, Elvox (parent company Vimar – Italy HQ).