Security Safes in Kuwait

Brand: Hartman & Tresore AG
Location: Headquarters in Germany

About Security Safes in Kuwait

  • Hartman & Tresore AG was founded in 1983, but its long standing handicraft tradition was founded nearly 150 years ago.
  • As the security of all objects is important and valuable to any client they do not only offer a safe, but a complete security package.
  • Their operations and processes also withstand stringent criteria; their processes have even been certified by the VdS GmbH and accord with the quality management norm DIN EN ISO 9001.
  • Some of their safes are: burglar & fire proof safes, wall & floor safes, filing cabinet safes, data media safes, strongroom safes, deposit safes, hotel safes & minibars, bullet proof glass safes, special safes, customizable safes, Hartman signature safes, etc…
  • They have a wide range of customers from banks, hotels, cruise lines, hospitals, government bodies, public institutions spread across the globe.
  • In Kuwait, so far we have supplied & installed Hartman & Tresore’s ISO certified safes to 2 prominent banks.