IP Cameras & LPRs In Kuwait

Brand: GeoVision
Location: Headquarters in Taiwan, with branches also in USA, Japan, China, Brazil & Czech Republic.

About Geovision IP Cameras & LPRs in Kuwait

  • GeoVision was established almost 18 years ago, with a wide range of ISO certified products in multiple solutions like IP Cameras, PoE solutions, Access Control Systems, Analog HD Cameras, Storages, LPRs, thermal detection, IP digital signage, multiple software solutions, etc…
  • Customizable hardware and software to meet the needs of the clients.
  • The GeoVision IP cameras with H.265 video compression, when compared to H.264 compression, requires almost 50% less data storage & bandwidth.
  • GeoVision allows the ease of integration on to a single platform for multiple security solutions from different vendors.
  • Superior video analytics which includes heat map, outdoor motion detection, intrusion alarm, face detection, tampering alarm, face counting, face mosaic, face masked alarm, tracking, etc….
  • GeoVision License Plate Recognition IP cameras are available both in color and black-white along with zoom capabilities for select models for advanced security.
  • In Kuwait, GeoVision products have secured the trust of multiple clients in the various government sectors, international clients, embassies, banks, hospitals, retail chains, real estate, schools etc…
  • Till date, 9,500+ GeoVision camera solutions had been implemented in the Middle East alone, out of which 1,632+ GeoVision camera solutions in Kuwait were by Zamco.


GEOVISION 5MP Fisheye IP Camera


GEOVISION 2MP 22x IR Speed Dome IP Camera

GEOVISION 2MP 2.5x Color LPR IP Camera