Intrusion and Perimeter Alarm in Kuwait

Brand: Honeywell & Sorhea
Location: HQ for Honeywell is USA and Sorhea HQ in France.

About Honeywell Intrusion Alarms in Kuwait

  • Honeywell is a trusted and reliable name in security solutions, in Kuwait and world over. In Kuwait, Zamco utilizes Honeywell’s intrusion alarm products and support.
  • With an office in Kuwait, it has a strong and reliable customer support, as clients can be assured of getting problems, if any, fixed in a matter of hours.
  • Clients include banks, public institutions, retail outlets & residential homes.
  • We also deal with Perimeter & Fence protection systems from Sorhea, a French based ISO certified company specializing in the same with multiple solutions serving the same purpose. Solutions vary from infrared, shock detection, laser detection perimeter and so on.
  • In Kuwait, we had deployed Honeywell intrusion alarm solutions in almost 28+ locations.